Annual membership fees

Fees are quoted here in £UK, but you will be able to pay in $US or €EU.

Individual membership

If your income is less than £40,000 a year – £15

If your income is £40,000 a year or more – £30

Organisational membership

Disabled People’s or Human Rights Organisations – £50

All other organisations – £100

Whilst we say a ‘large please’ that everyone who can pay a fee does so, we do not want anyone to be excluded from this Community. Therefore, if you cannot afford our membership fees or do not have a bank account, please join the International Disability and Social Justice Community anyway, for free.

How your money will be spent

The International Disability and Social Justice Community and Pluto Journals are not-for-profit organisations. All membership fees will be used for the benefit of the Community and its Journal (the IJDSJ) – with a small proportion being used to set up and support relevant membership administrative systems (which at present are being provided by Pluto Journals). Full financial reports will be made available to members annually.